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Edgestone Parlor Book 2

What are we? Are we even a thing?

Jade’s back, and she wants JJ and Heather back to herself, no matter the cost.

Lyra is trying to navigate whatever you would call this relationship thing she has with JJ at the moment. She’s suddenly become involved in his and his child’s life, even though she’s still worried and recovering from Raymond’s actions.

JJ has anger issues, and Jade sets him off, starting with a nasty custody battle in which JJ has to prove his anger isn’t the only thing relevant about him. He’s losing, and he’s going to lose everything when he does.

When Heather is kidnapped, all fingers point to JJ, but Lyra believes in her heart he wouldn’t do that. She knows him, doesn’t she?

Convincing the other artists at Edgestone, as well as their friends Jordan and Rae – Lyra mounts their own little investigation to see what it is the cops aren’t looking at, and how Jade is involved.

Can they find Heather in time to prove JJ is innocent? Before Jade finally gets to him? Do Lyra and JJ have the makings of a relationship or are they just playing pretend?

Book Two in the Edgestone Parlor series ends on one hell of a cliffhanger, but if you started the journey with Positively Inked, you’re going to want to continue the story.

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