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Edgestone Parlor Book 2

Jade is back and her only intention is to make JJ's life a living hell. 

JJ could not care less about Jade returning, but he doesn't want her to take Heather away from him, he knows she isn't fit to be a mother after deserting them once already. Lyra stands by him as they navigate the legal route of trying to ensure that JJ retains custody.

Tragedy strikes, Heather is kidnapped and all fingers point to JJ.

While Lyra tries to figure out if she's ready to be part of such a demanding and serious relationship, she and the other Edgestone artists try their best to clear JJ's name. 

Jade has a way to prove JJ is innocent, but she's dangling it in front of him, and it would mean never seeing Lyra again. 

With the parlor in danger, JJ arrested and the new artist wondering what he's gotten into, Lyra must try juggle everything, including her heart.

Will JJ clear his name?

And if he can, will Lyra still be there if he get's out?

Fans of romantic suspense novels will enjoy this sequel to Positively Inked.

Watch this space for an update once the pre-order is available.