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Edgestone Parlor Book 2

JJ doesn't care that Jade is back, only that she wants to try and take Heather away from him. Something he will only let happen over his dead body. Lyra stands by him as they navigate the legal route of trying to ensure that Heather remains with a parent that won't just abandon her at will.

Tradgedy strikes, and with Heather missing all fingers are pointed at JJ who claims his innocence and begs Lyra to stand by him and help him find Heather and clear his name. While they try do this Jade throws everything she has at JJ, including having a way to clear his name... one which takes Lyra out of the picture.

Danger abounds as a dangerous gang of tattoo artists get involved and the Edgestone Parlor's name is dragged through the mud.

Will JJ clear his name and find Heather?

Or is everything lost to him, including Lyra?

Watch this space for an update once the pre-order is available.