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Can two broken hearts heal each other?

Lyra is looking for a fresh start and is hopeful in her endeavor to run her own tattoo parlor in downtown James Beach, where a lot of Bohemian businesses are sprouting up. Still recovering from the loss of her grandmother and a recent break-up, she is not ready to hand her heart over to anyone. She hires a host of artists, including JJ, who has been scorned by his now ex-fiancé and left to raise their daughter alone.

When Lyra gets stalked by a mysterious person and the police do not believe her, the artists at Edgestone Parlor step up to protect her. JJ develops a connection with Lyra that he is hard-pressed to ignore even though he is only looking for physical satisfaction with the babysitter.

Can there be more to life than a romp with the help? Will they catch the stalker and save Lyra before it is too late?

Book one in the Edgestone Parlor series might not have all the answers, but start the journey today to find out where it takes you.  One-click Positively Inked now!

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