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Character Interview - Hera

Hera is one of the first artists that Lyra hires for Edgestone Parlor. From the start she is a good friend to Lyra and even when things seem horrid and that nothing can go right, Hera sticks by her side. But maybe there's more to her than what meets the eye.

For now let's get to know a little bit about Hero.

What’s your favourite place to visit and why?

I like to visit the shelter in the city. I also volunteer to walk the dogs to the park some days or play with the cats, it’s a great place with amazing people and I feel so at home there. Most of my salary goes there.

What is the perfect date to you?

Definitely something like a hike with a picnic at the end or a long drive to the mountains and again some hiking. I like hiking. My sister thinks I’m going to get murdered one day by a serial killer.

What’s a must-have in a relationship?

You have to have something in common. A passion that you both can share together and enjoy, something that isn’t work or painful to do. So you can make fun moments together doing the things,.

Who was your first love? Tell us about him/her.

My first love was in first grade. His name was Todd, and he was my everything. His parents moved schools the next year and I was absolutely crushed until fourth grade.

Where do you see yourself in ten years.

Hopefully married on a farm somewhere, with lots of animals running around. Maybe a farm shelter of my own where animals can come for their last years and just relax.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you in a relationship?

The most embarrassing thing? We were on a date and I was drinking some drinking yoghurt and the bottle lid was just big enough that if I twisted my tongue I could get in. Only I had a tongue ring, and it got caught when I tried to pull my tongue out. My date watched me panic, actually he laughed a lot at that, and I got drinking yoghurt all over me until I managed to calm down and get my tongue out.

Do you ever want kids? How many?

I want fur children. I can’t have kids because I have PCOS but I might consider adopting two or three children in need to grow up on my imaginary farm.

Read about hero now in the first book of the Edgestone Parlor series - Positively Inked

The second installment is coming out soon.

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