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What am I up to!

For those who have signed up to my Newsletter knew before everyone else that Line Work is available for Pre-Order. It's the second in the Edgestone Parlor series. There are ten series that make up the Jamestown World Books.

Each series focusses on a location and the people who work there.

That being said, while I'm still continuing with the Edgestone Parlor series - I am also working on the first book in the Chapters Series. If you've read my book, Chapters is the Bookstore owned by Jordan. You'll be introduced to how he came to buy the bookstore, what his life was like before Chapters and it will focus on Rae and his relationship from the day they met.

So, stick around because big things are going to happen in Jamestown and I'm super excited about it

Pre-Order Line Work now! Out 15th February 2023.

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