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Setting - Diesel's Section

Firstly, you must understand that Edgestone Parlor is a large rectangle area. In the middle is reception, and behind that is a back room for breaks and for storing supplies. Next to the door is a waiting area with a sofa and to the right of that is three areas for artists. To the left of the door is another three areas for artists.

When you walk in and face the reception area, Diesel’s section is to the left, on the far left, next to Hera’s section in the middle.

Diesel travels a lot, so his section is very minimalistic. He’s put up some framed photos of various tattoos he’s done over the years along the wall, as well as some awards he’s won at conventions.

His mirror is clear of any decorations and he has shelves on either side of it where he has mini model motorbikes that he has built himself. He keeps them dust free at all times.

His bed is in the centre with his chair to the left.

If you open the drawers of his table you’ll find that it’s mostly just tattoo supplies and a faded photo of a younger Diesel with a beautiful Spanish woman.

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