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Edgestone Parlor - JJ's Area

Firstly, you must understand that Edgestone Parlor is a large rectangle area. In the middle is reception, and behind that is a back room for breaks and for storing supplies. Next to the door is a waiting area with a sofa and to the right of that is three areas for artists. To the left of the door is another three areas for artists.

JJ’s area is the middle one to right when standing just inside the door, facing reception.

JJ is a very clinical artist, preferring to have everything neat and edged. Nothing out of place. You may see his area and think of someone who has extreme OCD. Though he has decorated with very geometric artwork.

Skateboards he has designed lines the one wall to the right, the colorful designs adding a spark of insanity to the otherwise sterile area. He has shelves above and next to his mirror, but here he keeps memorabilia like rubiks cubes, old radios and other retro things.

On his main table you’ll find his iphone dock, where he will play some relaxing music from depending on your taste. There is nothing on his mirror and in his drawers is his supplies, including snacks for during the day when he’s quiet

His bench is on the left side of the area, with a seat to the right for people accompanying their friends. JJ also has a small stool with wheels which is standard for the artists.

For more information on JJ, check out The Edgestone Parlor Series – Book Two coming soon.

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