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My writing goals for the future - James Beach Series

I'm considering this the official first post of my new blog. In my blog, I'm going to be sharing things about my book series, my writing habits, my personal life, and maybe some advice on a few things here and there.

With the pending release of Positively Inked, I'm getting more and more nervous about how the book is going to be received. A lot of people enjoyed the original short start to what was meant to be a seven-book series. Now it's a completely different story, and under the James Beach umbrella, there are 8 series of about three to five books each, all centering around various locations in James Beach.

I'm aiming to release two books a year, that's the plan, but I promise you they'll be worth the wait.

Edgestone Parlor

You will be introduced to the tattoo parlor in Positively Inked. Owned by Lyra, someone who has just moved to town. This series will follow the various artists in the parlor, and what their love lives get up to. There's no shortage of thrills in this series.

Chapters Bookstore

Revamped by billionaire Jordan Metz, Chapters Bookstore is a twenty-four-hour bookstore that includes a restaurant_type vibe where you can sit, eat and read. But there's a lot of drama with Jordan and Rae in this series and we're going to have to follow them closely.

Franks Diner

Frank has owned his diner for what feels like decades, he puts a lot of love into it and loves the girls that waitress for him. They each have their own dark stories though, and Frank does have his limits of what he'll tolerate.

Pleasure Pier

An amusement park at the pier. The staff who run the rides and games of this year-round carnival have done things that no one could imagine, and now their secrets might come to light.

High-End Boutique

High-End is a quality boutique catering to the richest of people in James Beach, with signature designer outfits. The four ladies who work shifts at this boutique all come with their own backstory, and their pasts do catch up with them.

Sheena's Kennels

You might think writing about animals being looked after could be cute and funny, but the mafia has their fingers in this pie and Sheena just wants to live her dream of owning the kennels without criminal ties.

Situation Bank

A very prim and proper finance institution, it is the main bank in James Beach. Employee's hate working there though, the manage is something else, and they start getting ideas of better lives that could be lived

True Love Clinic

The planned parenting clinic is run by Marachelle, and despite having to walk through protestors every morning she loves her job. The girls that come there though bring some dangerous situations with them.

Those are the eight series for James Beach. Of course, these are subject to being edited and changed around but this is what I'm working with at the moment. So If you're keen on a long-lasting set of books, I'm your gal.

Until next time


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