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Review - Uberg#sm

Authors: Robin Ash and Tamsyn Bester

5 Stars


What can I say that hadn’t already been said over the numerous updates I’ve been posting during this rollercoaster read of a book. I guess first thing is first - I don’t like romcom. Not a fan of movies and never read a book. But friends wrote this and they told me it has jokes… so I support and I read. Well….. It started out as most do. Then we took a little road trip from hell in the car from hell. There were hiccups, wrong turns, detours and shared spaces. I mean it’s thousands of miles together. What could go wrong? From the moment Bash left that one bag on the sidewalk and Oakley got into the car I knew it had the possibility of being funny. I could hint at frogs, at small beds and penthouse suites. I could do all that but really I want to talk about the first book two best friends wrote together. Firstly, they won’t confirm it and it took me a looong time but I think I *might* know who wrote which parts. That aside, it’s hard because the story flowed so well. Hooking you over and over again as they go through with this hair brained idea. I laughed - god they made me laugh. And normally it’s dark twisted shit that makes me laugh. In this case second hand embarrassment was rife. And I cried. I f***ing ugly cried. I can’t remember the last time I was so invested in a character that I cried with and for them. Ultimately though, I was satisfied. My heart was content. I had read a great well written romcom book and you can be sure I now have to try the next one in this series. Bravo ladies bravo … I can’t wait to have my own uberg#sm


OAKLEY My sister’s wedding is across the country. And I don’t fly. So I do the next best thing: I schedule an Uber. Do the calculation. That’s 2,854 miles, and 44 hours in a car with a complete stranger. You may be wondering what could possibly go wrong, and you’d be right to because who in their right mind would ever Uber across the country with someone they don’t know? Me. That’s who. And everything that can go wrong? Pretty much does. BASH My friends and I have a bet. $10 000 for whoever can get the worst rating as an Uber driver. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Because my passenger proves to be more trouble than she’s worth. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to see it through. You see, I went from being a trust fund brat, to a broke brat, and my friends have no idea. Which is why tolerating my passenger is my only option. The question is: will we kill each other on the road, or will we fall into bed together along the way? Only time will tell, and until then we’ll just drive each other batsh*t crazy.

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