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Romantic Travel - Johannesburg (Home Base)

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Well, since this is the first of my blog posts I decided that we should do something known as 'local is lekker'. So for the first romantic travel blog post, we're going to focus on my hometown which is Johannesburg in Southern Africa.

I'm going to split this into two sections. What Tripadvisor says are the top 5 romantic things to do in the area and the top 5 romantic things I would do. I won't always be able to do this because I haven't travelled everywhere but I can always use my imagination.


The following are the top five things that Tripadvisor says couples should do:

1 - Apartheid Museum

2 - Gautrain

3 - Hector Pieterson Museum

4 - Gold Reef City

5 - Neighbourhoods Market

Now I only agree with two items on this list although only one of the two might make my own list.

The apartheid museum is great if you're a history lover and want to enrich yourself in the truth about Apartheid but as a romantic get together - No. I don't see how the suffering and abuse and murder of the majority ethnic group in the country could be considered romantic.

The Gautrain is just a train. I'm so tired of my country acting like it's this amazing thing that has changed our lives. It gets people from A to B. There's nothing romantic about it.

The Hector Pieterson Museum is just like the Apartheid museum. Great if you want to learn but it's such a tragedy that I can't see how this could be a couples thing to do. Make a family outing and teach the littles their history - yes. Not for romance no.

Gold Reef City is on my own list so I'm going to expand on that below.

Neighbourhoods Market is an artisanal beer and organic wine place with chill music according to the site. It's not something I personally would do because I don't like to drink, but I can see how this could be a fun couples thing to do on a date. I wonder if they have like a set tastings menu or something? Maybe I will check it out when I'm in the mood for wine. I'll have to drag Ashleigh with me so she can educate me.

What are the romantic things I would do

It's hard to plan something really romantic in a place like Johannesburg where EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE is a danger. And I'm not exaggerating. However there are things that I would do if Paresh were to fly over to visit me - and they aren't necessarily expensive things either.

1- Romantic Meal

2- Gold Reef City

3-Picnic at the Botanical Gardens

4- Johannesburg Zoo

5 - Melville

Let me expand on why I chose these.

South Africa has such a variety of restaurants available (even a place called the Throbbing Strawberry) and you can easily plan a romantic meal. South African's are friendly and happy people and are always happy to make a night extra special for you if you ask them politely.

Gold Reef City is an amusement park and there's no better thing to me than a 'carnival' themed date with someone I'm into. Wining prizes, going on rides, eating good food. buying souvenirs. Plus it has a hotel and casino where you can go relax after your fun day.

A picnic at the Botanical Gardens is just a must. You go to Woolies and grab some snacks and drinks and off you go with a blanket to sit in a beautiful environment and just be with each other and nature. It's perfect.

The Johannesburg zoo is so much fun! I love going there both on dates and with my family. It works for either situation. You can take a nice stroll through the various paths and take photos of the animals if you're into photography like I am. Or take selfies of each other on your special day.

Melville is an area all on it's own. It has such unique restaurants, boutiques, clubs, and pubs. Shops abound where you can get the most random things and I always feel so artsy when I go there. The price is high but the vibe is great.

Come Visit

I've only mentioned a fraction of the things that are available to do around Johannesburg really. What would you check out if you came over?

That's it for my first blog post! I hope you enjoyed it! There are some photos of the locations at the bottom for those that are curious!

Let me know!


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