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Romantic Travel - Bradford (UK)

I love the UK! I've only been there once to visit my sister but since being there I've decided to move there which I'm busy doing. I have the passport, just need the dollars. I explored a lot of London and surrounds while I was there, but I want to explore all of the UK so for the next few posts I'm going to be picking cities around the UK to post about.

From the Wikipedia page:

Bradford/ˈbrædfərd/is the second-largest city in West Yorkshire, England. It forms the core of the City of Bradford metropolitan borough, which also includes the towns of Keighley, Shipley, Bingley, and Ilkley, and borders the City of Leeds and Calderdale to the east and south respectively as well as the counties of Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

It might not sound overly romantic but off we go to tripadviser to see what they have to offer us today! Hopefully, I can find something worthwhile to make you want to visit this city, or at least to make me want to pop in.

Alhambra Theatre

According to tripadviser this theatre sits 1400 people and is a very popular choice for touring companies. It hosts Ballet and opera to a variety of comedy, musicals, drama, and Yorkshire's biggest panto.

So basically if you're into theatre shows then this one is for you. This is number one on tripadvisors list so it must be magnificent. I know I love shows and would love to book to watch something, especially a musical, at this theatre

Sunbridge Wells

At first, there wasn't much on tripadvisor about this place - what I initially thought was a bar because of all the reviews - but I clicked to see their website and MAN OH MAN WOULD I GO HERE ON A DATE. Basically, according to their site, it's an underground retail complex right in the heart of Bradford's historic trading quarter. From their website I can see that they have all kinds of stores, markets, pubs, historic acts that have played there - I love history - and it also has some modern amedities. They promote both commercial retailers and independent sellers which is what I love as an indie author.

Definitely, something that I would flag for a day (or night) visit.

Saltaire Village

Again, some positive reviews on tripadvisor but looking on their website yields so much more. From art galleries to salts diner to a book store to a poster shop. Opera, historic exhibitions, trek and trail things, early music stores, music school, and if the salts shop itself.

I can't tell a lot from the website except that it's very arty. I don't know if I would personally go here. It looks more to taste for people who like visual art which I am not an expert of, and don't appreciate enough (I'm uncultured and proud) but maybe for the history aspect and a good opera I'd go here. (I sleep well during opera LOL)

Lister Park

These people really need to update their descriptions on tripadvisor, I rely a lot on that site! But at least they also have a website available. Bragging rights - it's one of Bradford's largest parks according to the website. It looks like a beautiful park that also offers bowls (did I spell the game right?) - which is always fun for the bowls (SP?) fan.

There's a museum (Take me now) and a gallery along with a botanical garden and geological trail. Apparently, there is an excellent example of a prehistoric fossil tree there - that's pretty cool.

Bingley Five Rise Locks

So this is where Nature really is nature. Canals and rivers, boating, canoeing and kayaking, and fishing are just some of the options. There's also cycling, information on nature and wildlife, walking, and arts and culture. Definitely not something I would do because, well, I'm lazy. But definitely something for the nature enthusiasts!

Final thoughts on Bradford

All in all, Bradford is rich in History, much like most of the UK, but that is its biggest point for me. I don't know about romantic (tripadvisor is either drunk or historians all go there) but I think this is more somewhere I'd go for fun than on a date. I'm sure there are other things that are more romantic there, hidden away from commercial prying websites - so maybe someone who's been there or who lives there can advise us?

Until next week!

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