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Setting - Athena's Section

Firstly, you must understand that Edgestone Parlor is a large rectangle area. In the middle is reception, and behind that is a back room for breaks and for storing supplies. Next to the door is a waiting area with a sofa and to the right of that is three areas for artists. To the left of the door is another three areas for artists.

Athena’s section, if you are facing the reception desk, is along the left wall on the far right.

Athena has always appreciated the cultural differences and techniques that the Japanese use for their tattoos. She finds the differences between traditional Japanese tattoos and western tattoos very fascinating.

But she’s always been obsessed with Japan, and Asia in general. Her section is black with neon accents that stand out. When you walk in to the left is a black wall with koi fish she has drawn in neon colours that fill the top of the wall. Her tattoo bed is also against the wall so that the clients have something pretty to look at while she’s busy with them.

To the right is a black stool, small with a round seat and no backing. It sicks against the wall where there are some shelves. On these shelves are painted figurines of samurai. They are mostly black with accents of neon colours on their clothes.

Against the back main wall is a desk with drawers. There are three draws on the left and three drawers on the right. While five out of the six drawers have tattoo and art supplies, the top right one is locked at all times and no one actually knows what Athena keeps in there, only that it’s private.

There’s a huge mirror above the desk for the clients to use and Athena has decorated the mirror with swirls of shocking pink and purple.

For more information on Athena, check out Positively Inked.

The sequel Line Work is coming soon.

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