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Setting - Hera's Section

Firstly, you must understand that Edgestone Parlor is a large rectangle area. In the middle is reception, and behind that is a back room for breaks and for storing supplies. Next to the door is a waiting area with a sofa and to the right of that is three areas for artists. To the left of the door is another three areas for artists.

Hera’s section is the middle one to the left when standing just inside the door, facing reception.

Hera’s specialty is pin-up art so as you walk in it looks almost as though you’re walking into a diner the way she’s decorated it.

To the left is a wall with pin-up posters that are framed hanging on it, all signed by Hera. There is a note that they are for sale and she swaps them around periodically. Under the posters she has a neon sign that says ‘Coffee Here.”

Her tattoo table is against the right wall, completely flush with the wall. There are photos all around this wall of the various people Hera has studied and worked with, and a few with her and her sister.

Her shelves are painted diner colours, a light blue and chrome, and there is a stool in the corner at the back that looks like a diner bar stool, rumour has it that she stole it from Frank’s Diner as a prank one night and refuses to return it.

There’s a huge mirror against the back wall with shelves either side. There’s memorabilia on the shelves from the fifties. A set of roller skates, Coke a Cola napkin holders, a sugar shaker and an old milkshake glass with giant straw among other things.

For more information on Hera, check out The Edgestone Parlor Series – Book Two coming soon.

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