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Edgestone Parlor - Lyra's Section

Edgestone Parlor is the main setting in the Edgestone Parlor Series within Jamestown. Let's learn some more about how Lyra has decorated her section

Firstly, you must understand that Edgestone Parlor is a large rectangle area. In the middle is reception, and behind that is a back room for breaks and for storing supplies. Next to the door is a waiting area with a sofa and to the right of that is three areas for artists. To the left of the door is another three areas for artists.

Lyra’s area is the right back corner when standing just inside the door, facing reception.

Lyra is an interesting, heartfelt artist who likes to bring magic to her area. Thus she hasn’t got a lot of ‘hardcore’ memorabilia to give off a tough act. Instead, her area is extremely colourful. There is a large mirror on the wall in the centre, and on that mirror are colourful sticker designs that Lyra designed herself of fantasy creatures, mainly unicorns and fairies.

On shelves to the left, right and above the mirror are numerous unicorn teddy bears and plushies that she has collected over the years. Her actual table against the wall is neatly arranged, with some fairy figurines to the left and all her necessary stock to the right.

In the drawers of Lyra’s desk which are three long drawers going down, Lyra has her ink and spare needles and other necessities. Except in the bottom drawer, she keeps her numerous portfolios of her work.

Her bench is to the right of the booth, leaving an open space to the left where she can roll around on her small chair. Lyra also has posters on each wall of water paintings that she did herself and framed.

For more information on Lyra, check out Positively Inked by clicking on the image below.

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